Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Introduction to the Writer

Just to give a quick background on where these writings are coming from...

My name is Micah Carlson. I am a mid-twenty-something year-old Ocean Lifeguard and Sprint/Middle/Endurance Athlete. I compete in everything from Bocce-ball tournaments to impromptu cycling crit races; from alumni swim meets to 43km Surf Lifesaving Ironman Races.

I don't give advice about anything that I haven't tried myself, and I'll be the first to talk about the things I've tried and didn't work, or what my own shortcomings are.

I have been involved in Sport and Fitness since roughly the age of 3...wrestling with 5 older siblings counts right?! From little league baseball (which I was absolutely dreadful at) to AYSO and club soccer, then on to swimming, running, more soccer, cycling, K-1 Kayaking, Outrigger canoe paddling, rock climbing, power lifting, cross-fit-type training, and GOLF - yes golf, it is an amazing off-season sport for me, I simply love it.

Back to the point of all of this...I try a lot of different things in my training, fitness, and fun adventures; and my hope is that you will too!


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