Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Introduction to the Writer

Just to give a quick background on where these writings are coming from...

My name is Micah Carlson. I am a mid-twenty-something year-old Ocean Lifeguard and Sprint/Middle/Endurance Athlete. I compete in everything from Bocce-ball tournaments to impromptu cycling crit races; from alumni swim meets to 43km Surf Lifesaving Ironman Races.

I don't give advice about anything that I haven't tried myself, and I'll be the first to talk about the things I've tried and didn't work, or what my own shortcomings are.

I have been involved in Sport and Fitness since roughly the age of 3...wrestling with 5 older siblings counts right?! From little league baseball (which I was absolutely dreadful at) to AYSO and club soccer, then on to swimming, running, more soccer, cycling, K-1 Kayaking, Outrigger canoe paddling, rock climbing, power lifting, cross-fit-type training, and GOLF - yes golf, it is an amazing off-season sport for me, I simply love it.

Back to the point of all of this...I try a lot of different things in my training, fitness, and fun adventures; and my hope is that you will too!


The Beginning of the End

This is the Beginning of the End... of generic fitness advice write-ups that try to address both amateur and elite athletes, and their needs, in the same breath.

Some basic ideas will cover everyone as general good practices, but, each piece will be geared toward one group or another - be it elite endurance athletes, weekend warriors looking for an edge, or just everyday people looking for some healthy fitness to put in the mix.

So, Welcome to Rescue Fitness